Google Artificial intelligence

Google Artificial intelligence

The progression of technology is quite admirable. Most of them substitute or are like substitute little by little on humans.

Artificial Intelligence, as humanoid helpers, is in challenge with other tools. There are several kinds of Artificial Intelligence, and instead of choosing other technology; people trust Artificial Intelligence. Compared with other recent manufacturing technology, Artificial Intelligence is quite sophisticated. A robot is, and is in the class of Artificial Intelligence. For most of people, it is a kind of voice recognition that they can use by means of Google. In some kind, that notion leads to have one thing at last, Google Artificial Intelligence or Google artificial intelligence. Thus, let us to see at first what the definition and different function of Google artificial intelligence as well as the different kinds of pictures that can be detected by Google artificial intelligence whereas finally the opportunity and advantages that it provides to users.

Definition and function of Google Artificial intelligence

Definition: As anticipated above, Google artificial intelligence is a kind of system, digital tool or even a technical that can be used either by means of Google of by means of itself. A long time ago, it is defined as a humanoid helper whereas actually, almost all humans’ task can be done by Google AI. Yes, let us see what would be Google AI’s function. Function:

1) Main function: If we know that it should be used for voice recognition, now we should keep on mind that Google artificial intelligence is especially made for picture recognition. Beyond, it helps people to search the photos of their friend or the photos of other person that they love.

2) Additional function: Google artificial intelligence is made for internaut in the aim of whether breaking down language barrier or solving all problems eventual that may inflict them during their navigation. By means of digital assistant, users may Google AI may help them to get task done. Beyond, Google artificial intelligence may allow knowing what the weather would like, knowing what would think and feel person. Yes, Google AI is able to perform internaut’s life.

The different pictures understood by Google Artificial intelligence.

Immobile image: Certainly, Google artificial intelligence is able to understand all kinds of pictures, whatever. However, as a digital detection, there are some images that it can never understand; it is not precisely about images but rather about the brand or the quality of images. Indeed, blurred images can be neither translated nor understood by Google artificial intelligence. For example, immobile images can be a house, plane, car, computer, oven.

Mobile phone image or natural image: People images, animal images and plant images would be interpreted by Google artificial intelligence. Interpretation of mobile images is possible for Google artificial intelligence. Those images can be a person, cat or dog and sometimes a tree. Once more, voice, temperature degree of a wind can be known and translated by Google artificial intelligence. It is clear that all pictures passed upon Google AI should always be bright.

Act, murder and attack detected by Google Artificial intelligence

Human gesture interpreted by Google artificial intelligence: All lesser gesture can be inspected by Google artificial intelligence. For example, one murder does not expose the same gesture as his neighbor. Thus, Google artificial intelligence is made in order to reinforcing the security of one’s life in general. Why? Because Google artificial intelligence inform him in advance all suspicious body movements of murderer.

Human feeling understood by Google artificial intelligence: Killer’s strategy may be known by Google AI by means of interpreting his feeling. Indeed, its output may reveal what criminal are feeling. In this case, Google artificial intelligence searches and deciphers criminal’s face. As a matter of principle, Google artificial intelligence analysis in general human’s face because feeling results from unconscious, and this last one command human feeling automatically.

Human language translated by Google artificial intelligence: Human language means voice, and as it is explained in the beginning, Google artificial intelligence is quite talented on voice recognition, thing allowing it to translate all secret speech pronounced by killer. Google AI is not endowed with a voice recorder, but users have to save criminal’s voice and let Google AI to interpret it as well.

In a word, Google artificial intelligence can help and facilitate intervention policemen. Beyond, having access a Google map is possible by means of Google artificial intelligence.

Opportunity provided by Google Artificial intelligence

There are plenty of that Google can bring to some kinds of people like kids, young and adult. Yes, some parents confide Google AI the education of their children. Thus, these last one get some lessons and some tutorial from Google artificial intelligence. For example, they ask for Google AI to reply their calculation, and sometimes to explain their question about some subject in school like history and geography. Internauts ask also for it in order to know what are the weather and the temperature each day.

Once more, thanks to Google artificial intelligence, doctor can get quickly all information about the health-condition of his patient. As a matter of fact, Google AI is a kind of telemedicine that can make doctor’s work as possible. Beyond, it can help doctor to identify a complication of diabetes. As a matter of fact, there is software named microscope slides endowed with Google artificial intelligence. That one can detect a sign of breast cancer.

Thanks to Google AI, users can solve the problem of their computer. Besides, the best technical that uses Google artificial intelligence is “computer vision”. Moreover, it solve problem by means of “natural language processing”.

Remark: If in the future, everyone have access to Google artificial intelligence and can use it, a risk of hacking would gain ground. Why? Because even hackers know how Google AI functions.

Nevertheless, it is made in the aim of preventing all illegal phishing and increasing the security of social media account. Till today, there is no need to have doubt with utilization of Google

artificial intelligence.

To sum up, several kinds of voice, music, sound, and pictures are managed and organized by Google artificial intelligence. As explained in the beginning technology became more admirable than ever. Thus, one tool will be gain ground, it is deep learning.