Future of robot

Future of robot

Actually, most of people, hotel, restaurant, and some companies are already using robotics in the aim of facilitating life. We also eventually use it at home.

Thus, they employ robots systems in order to economize their energy. Robots are made to accomplish human task. That opportunity helps this one to do not mess up a lot of time. In a word, robots act instead of human. In that case, read the three points below; at the first time, future of robots will be explained as well as the different kind of advantages that provides robots in the nearly year. Finally, read attentively the different types of robots that can entirely substitute to humans’ activities.

The different types of the robots of the future

1) A kitchen robot: As a matter of fact, the name of a kitchen robot will be Moley Robotics Chef. This story will happen in the future. Yes, if get tired, you might be not able to cook pasta for example, robots will accomplish your disposal. For instance, all you need is to take remote-control and of course to control robot to process your food by commanding from your bed or from your seat.

2) A Robocop: In Dubai, specialists are studying actually this Robocop. Once it is manufactured in due form and spread officially over the market, it will provide a lot of functions and opportunity such as reinforcing security into the trading-company at first, and even helping policy to pursue a murder as well. Robocop will be made to ensure the inspection of some locals such as fun fire, touristic attraction and so on.

3) Robot digital waiter: In china, one owner of some restaurant and hotel has already tested this kind of robots with tactiles sensors. Yes, machine or robot digital server was also just tested by manufacturer. In the nearly year, robot digital server will be spread in the market. Now, clients do not put up with of robot waiter’s work. Nevertheless, kids adore cuddling that robot from time to time. This kind of robot still needs human’s Chef Help. In the future, it might be that robot digital waiter would able to accomplish all tasks into restaurant, coffee-house or hotel without human.

4) Robot guard:

a) SAM: It might be that you have already heard some kinds of robots guard like SAM (Secure Autonomous Mobile). You may see it near some of marketing and some companies. SAM is related with an alarm system.

b) Knightscop K5: This kind of robot inspection is made in order to detect noise or sound and some human motion. There are different of camera installed into Knightscop K5. These cameras allow him to be able to accomplish multiple functions and its particularity is that: it can identify both the registration number and the suspicious motion. Moreover, it is endowed with four mikes that can detect voice and identify these one as well. Beyond, Knightscop K5 is fitted out a weather forecasts captor, thing helping this robot to know in advance if downpour or any storm will take place. As explained above, those two kinds of robots are still tested by manufacturers, but in the future, there will be a very sophisticated robot but the same type as SAM and Knightscop K5.

5) Medical robot: In the hospital of Onze-Lieve-Vrouw d'Alost, Alexandre Mottrie, an urologist, has already used medical robot as assistant for some of operation that he executes. This doctor does not more communication with his patient because almost his task is accomplished by Medical robot. Before that Medical robot carries out the operation, Alexandre Mottrie practices incision, and then put manually the hand of robot upon the patient’s abdomen, and finally he joins his own office in order to command robot easily. He only uses a hand-lever. Medical robot is endowed with three tools that can replace surgeon’s work. Actually, Medical robot is just a help for surgeon, but in the future, it might be that doctor would not need a remote-control. All he needs is to program robot and to let this one to accomplish surgery.

6) A scan robot: This one is made to scan the shop’s stock-in-trade. Yes, scan robot serves to scan the missing goods and chattel as well as the missing tag or ticket all over the shop. Nevertheless, scan robot does not still able to signal employee to check the goods which upon something is missing. Thus, there are no shops which do not replace their entire employee with robots. However, cases will change, that is to say, robots will able to take care of all functioning in the shop.

There are still several types of robots that will be created or sophisticated.

Future of robot:

As a matter of fact, technology keeps on manufacturing the limit of its redoubtable skills. The fabrication of robots is among that invention. Yes, robots are very admirable for either people or consumer in the world. Nevertheless, you should keep on mind that in the future, it will be more admirable than ever. Of course, robots are already able to accomplish almost the majority of humans’ task. Once more, read below for which points robots will be more and more remarkable in the future.

1) Longevity and dynamism of robot: Robot can never get old. It can alive several times. Robots consumer should only undertake his robot from time to time. Beyond, robots will neither get ill not thirsty nor be hungry. Thus, human will use robot to tend patient in a suspicious areas in the aim of preventing contamination.

2) Upgrading robots: Human can upgrade robots easily, but these one can upgrade them. As a matter of principle, that might be unbelievable, but in reality that will be possible. Nevertheless, that can mess more time. Thus, once if one robot becomes to be out of order, another robot can repair it by sending virtually all its program to that one. In a word, one robot can transfer its entire digital mind to another.

To sum up, the future of robot will be more and more admirable. Robots will be very reproductive than human.